Lekhu Lekhu Lekhideli Lekhu Lekhu Lekhideli

Lekhu Lekhu Lekhideli Full Movie Download ipagal

29 Aug, 2014 Odia Odia

Jhilik scribbles sweet nothings on whatever material she finds, including vegetables and shirts. Her love story with Babu begins when she scribbles a sweet note on a bus going to a different city and is surprised to get a reply from someone at the other end. Babu, who is a happy-go-lucky guy, finds out that the messages that he gets and exchanges through the bus, are actually written by a girl. They exchange phone numbers in the same way, but the number gets washed off in the rain. Neither therefore knows the other`s identity. Meanwhile, Jhilik `s parents have arranged for her marriage to a rich boy. Will Jhilik and Babu ever meet in real life? What does fate have in store for them?

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